Living with a 5-Year-Old

On July 30th, my forever puppy turned 5 years old. In keeping with tradition, we celebrated with a steak on the special red plate and a bone-shaped birthday cookie. He devoured both in 30 seconds. (Food doesn’t last when you have a Yellow Lab.)


Look at that tail go!


Completely in the zone

Pure happiness

Pure happiness

Every year when The Bear’s birthday comes around, I look back at all of his puppy pictures and coo to Mikey about how cute and cuddly he was. Yet not much has changed since the days when he could still bob and weave through the legs of our dining room table chairs. People at the dog park are always surprised to learn he’s nearing the senior stages of doghood. His addiction to chasing tennis balls and splashing in the dog park pool can fool anyone into thinking he’s only a year old.


The day we brought him home


With his proud papa

Five years later, this Bear of ours is still keeping us on our toes. Still demanding his dinner. Still king of the yard. Still making us laugh out loud.

Happy birthday, Teddy Bear. Your effervescence and lust for life is so good for our souls.




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2 responses to “Living with a 5-Year-Old

  1. Papa Razzi

    He’s still a snugglehound.

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