Another Successful Schurcipfones Festival


Attention: everyone. I think I may have found my favorite St. Louis beer festival.

It’s the Schurcipfones beer festival, held in downtown St. Louis at the corner of 10th and Locust. Schurcipfones wraps up the annual St. Louis Craft Beer Week and features a great showing of local craft breweries — and even an out-of-town guest, New Belgium Brewing.

Some of you may remember when I blogged about it last year. With two years in attendance under my belt, I can say it was fun then, and it was fun again this year — which means this gathering of craft beer enthusiasts is no fluke.

Mikey and I spent all of Sunday afternoon with a few of my trusty beer-loving coworkers at Schurcipfones. Sipping beers, enjoying the fan-freaking-tastic weather and sharing lots of laughs. There was music, tasty food (still thinking about those loaded fries) and even activities for kids.


Us girls


All smiles. And balls flying through the air.

But the stars of the show were most certainly the beers. Although I didn’t try everything, here’s how I broke down the beers I tried. Ranked on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.

4 Hands Ruby Red Prussia Berliner Weisse – 3.5 stars

Civil Life Milk Stout – 4 stars

Perennial Tart Hopfentea – 4 stars


Tasting glass of Hopfentea

4 Hands Plum Farmhouse – 3 stars

4 Hands Rooster’s Breakfast Beer – 4 stars

4 Hands Pear Cider – 3 stars

Civil Life Grapefruit Radler – 4.5 stars

My favorite beer of the day? Despite the fact that I gave Civil Life Grapefruit Radler a higher rating, the award goes to Perennial Tart Hopfentea. Put the words “tart” and “tea” into a beer name, and I’m almost guaranteed to like it. I may have given the Grapefruit Radler too generous of a rating, since it was the first beer I tasted in the lineup. But if I’m putting my beer hat on and listening to my taste buds over my sweet tooth, Hopfentea takes the trophy.

My favorite brewery of the day? 4 Hands tops my list. With all they had to offer that day, I kept going to back to their table. Overall, they had the best showing of experimental flavors, and you know I’m a sucker for newfangled flavor combos.

Not that I consider myself a beer festival connoisseur, but I think the Schurcipfones festival has a lot going for it. I think it’s because it isn’t incredibly overcrowded. There’s a perfectly-sized audience, and I like that I can move through the crowd without bumping into someone and having to peel myself away from his or her sweaty arm. For whatever reason Schurcipfones is flying under the radar, I hope it doesn’t explode into a massively-attended beer festival. Although that would spell success for the festival organizers, that might warrant them to consider a different location that can accommodate a larger crowd. And frankly, I love its current location.

Not to worry though. I’m still basking in the glow of this year’s festival. Can’t wait to do it all over again next year.

Fun was had. Obviously.

Fun was had. Obviously.

For more on the Schurcipfones festival brews, our good friend, Joe, breaks everything down to a (Hopfen)tea on his new blog, You should check it out.


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