Fashion Takes Many Forms

I heard about it on Twitter from 4 Hands, a St. Louis microbrewery. I experienced it outside of said microbrewery, surrounded by a handful of St. Louis’ tastiest food trucks. I walked away from it with a new lace print, peplum-esque skirt. And I’m writing about it now because I think it’s one of the trendiest concepts in fashion to hit the Lou.

It’s called Rack + Clutch, a fashion truck. Yes, a fashion truck. Like a food truck, but instead of cooking and selling delicious food, it sells stylish and decently-priced clothing, jewelry and accessories.

rack and clutch 1

Their grand opening took place a couple weekends ago at 4 Hands Brewery’s Food Truck Feast. I heard about the event on Twitter and made a mental note to try to attend. Not only are Mikey and I big fans of 4 Hands beer, but we’ve attended their Food Truck Feast events in the past. They’re always a good excuse to hit the brewery and grab some yummy food truck grub. But this Food Truck Feast was different because Rack + Clutch was making their debut.

rack and clutch 2

So we went, filled up on some brews and food from Seoul Taco and The Fifth Wheel, and then, I ventured into the fashion truck while Mikey went to the tasting room to fill our growler. It probably wasn’t a good idea to leave me to my own devices because once I got sucked in, I knew I was going to have a hard time coming out empty handed.

You’d think a truck wouldn’t be large enough to house a big collection of merchandise. But surprisingly, there was a good selection to cull through. Very of-the-moment printed skirts, floral blouses and maxi dresses. Half a wall dedicated to the cutest clutches in all the latest trends — neon, color block, studs. And stacks of drawers filled with baubles galore. There’s even a fitting room, if you’re brave enough to change clothes behind a curtain while strangers shop only inches away from you. (Which for the record, I did. Anything for fashion!)

And if I wasn’t already impressed with the whole fashion truck experience, Owner Emily Ponath checked me out at the register (Foursquare app, actually. Registers are soooooo passé.) and was sweet as can be.

rack + clutch skirt

The lovely little number I went home with.

I think it’s a very cool and brave thing to pioneer such a new concept in St. Louis, and I hope it sees a lot of success. Unfortunately, there’s already been a little bit of an uproar over licensing issues for Rack + Clutch. Uproar enough for St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay to post about it on Facebook at Twitter. I won’t get into all the details of the debacle. You can read more about it here.

But here’s my two cents. I’m not a true believer of “bad PR is good PR”, but in the case of Rack + Clutch, I do think the controversy is helping to spread the word about what Rack + Clutch is and its ultramodern approach to the fashion boutique. Besides, every soul in history who has pioneered an idea or a movement has always been met with adversity in some way, shape or form. Take the first St. Louis food trucks and the city’s opposition to them only a year or so ago, for example.

All in all, I hope Rack + Clutch gets to stick around for a while and that more people check it out, embrace it and see it as a step forward for St. Louis and the people here who love fashion.

To find out where the truck is headed next, you can follow it here on Twitter.


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