Homebrew No. 2

During the week we had off work between Christmas and New Year’s Day, Mikey did some man work in the kitchen. This kind of man work…








That would be Brew #2, a Smoked Wheat Beer, which we have named “Winter Fog”. It was brewed on a cold day in December, and the smokiness conjured up the image of fog. So after a few minutes of name-storming on the couch, “Winter Fog” it was.

The mix was brought to us by Brooklyn Beer Shop, and Mikey was the brewmaster who put it all together. I tried to play beer apprentice in the kitchen but got bored holding tubes and stuff, so I switched to playing photographer.

It was Mikey’s first time brewing with a Brooklyn Beer Shop mix. His first homebrew (which goes by the name “Greenhorn“) was a kit from Mr. Beer, and after he deemed that successful, he was ready to get a little more advanced.

I purchased a Brooklyn Beer Shop book for him last year, and in it are recipes that take you through the steps of mashing, sparging, boiling and fermenting. Those steps require specific supplies like an airlock, racking cane and soft tubing. So I seized the opportunity to buy additional supplies and a mix from Brooklyn Brew Shop’s online store for his birthday. Their selection of mixes changes seasonally, and they all seem pretty appealing. Some of the flavors from this season include a Chocolate Maple Porter, a Coffee and Donut Stout and a Grapefruit Honey Ale. Yes, yes and yes, please. To see all their varieties, click here.

Another reason why I like Brooklyn Brew Shop is because all of their recipes are based on one-gallon mixes. Smaller batches are more manageable in this tiny house of ours. Without much space to brew, except our shotgun-style kitchen, it’s a much more manageable way to make beer. Maybe we’ll upgrade some day when Mikey gets his man cave, but until then, these small scale recipes are a hit.

With a one-gallon batch of Smoked Wheat, we got about 10 bottles — only one of which I actually got to drink! Mikey decided to share the wealth with some of his coworkers, so it all went pretty quickly. Guess it’s time to make another batch.


First taste is a success.


Enjoying some Winter Fog in one of our customized beer glasses, a Christmas gift from my BFF, Lindsay. Sadly, The Bear waits in the wings.


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