This Very Happy Hockey House

The Bear missing his Blues hockey

The Bear missing his Blues hockey

Its been a long, arduous winter. Drudging along with our mundane lives. Pained with the overwhelming feeling of loss and emptiness.

That is, until two Sundays ago when I woke up to find Facebook had revealed the most triumphant news in all the world — Hockey. Is. Back. After a few seconds of internal screaming, I gently tiptoed back into the bedroom, where Mikey was still snoozing and nudged him awake to announce the news.

“Hockey is back,” I said.

His response through closed eyes and clenched teeth, “Awesoommme”.

A week later, we were again wakened by good news — a text from Mikey’s friend, announcing that our 10-game package deal (now eight games, due to the shortened season) included tickets to the St. Louis Blues home opener at the Scottrade on January 19th. We jolted out of bed with excitement. In fact, I may have done a fist pump. Not sure.

And six days later, we found ourselves in matching outfits (Blues jerseys, mind you), making the pilgrimage downtown to the Scottrade Center to watch our beloved St. Louis Blues crush the Detroit Redwings. And crush they did. The Blues’ freshest face on the ice, Vladimir Tarasenko, stuck it to Jimmy Howard twice with shots worthy of the 10 minutes I spent watching the replay over and over this morning over breakfast. Blues Forward, Chris Stewart, also fell one score shy of a hat trick, making those who doubted his ability last season call themselves into question. And there was that sweet breakaway, courtesy of Defenseman Alex Pietrangelo and made magical with a shorthanded five-hole zinger by Forward T.J. Oshie. By the end of the night, we were roaring from the top row of section 326 as the Redwings left St. Louis with a 0-6 score on the board.

We’ve had our fair share of random “I miss hockey” moments while the guys in suits and ties have been throwing hissy fits negotiating sans hockey for 119 days. But last night’s game couldn’t have been a better Blues “thank you” for the fans who haven’t gone a day without supporting them. As if it isn’t already evident, Mikey and I can’t wait to see what this short season will bring. Suffice to say, the future for the Blues is bright.

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