Seeing Snow

It snowed a few days ago here in the Lou, which was a surprise in itself, considering we had temps in the 50s for most of December. On top of that, the snow has actually stuck around for a while. In fact, there are a still a few white patches in our front yard.

There are two things I like about snow. 1) It’s pretty, and 2) it’s fun to watch The Bear get rascally in it. While over at my parents’ house last weekend, Dad and I played paparazzi and shot Mikey and The Bear rough-housing in the snow. Not an easy task when the sun has set and The Bear won’t sit still long enough for our lenses to focus. Such is life when your 4-year-old adult dog still acts like an 8-month old puppy. Nevertheless, seeing The Bear in snow is always entertaining.


Thrill of the chase


Mikey tells The Bear to “touch” his nose to the ball before he launches it across the yard.


Play bow

Goof ball

Goof ball


Happy as a clam


“I beg your paw-don, kind sir?”


Quite the high jumper


Powder on his nose


Play is hard work. Time to rest.

And oh, and whaddya know. The forecast is predicting temps in the mid to upper 50s this week. So long, snow. Come again soon.


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