Pinterest Hits, Volume 2: Fireplace Mantle Makeover

One of my goals in life is to not become the kind of wife who feels the need to redecorate/refurnish/remodel her living room every two years. Pinterest is not helping me succeed in this regard.

What Pinterest is helping me do, however, is come up with cheap, simple ways to design on a dime by working with what I’ve got. Nothing fancy here, folks. I’m no Pottery Barn aficionado, and the only thing I’m good at interior designing is my closet, and that’s because it’s decorated with clothes.

So my pinspiration, if you will, came from a number of different images I pinned.

{photo gallery frames}


Photo courtesy of The Pursuit Aesthetic


Photo courtesy of lit*chick

{map art}


Photo courtesy of Viva Amore


Photo courtesy of The Thread Affect

{framed patterned paper}


Photo courtesy of


Photo courtesy of Studio 6 Fresno’s Etsy shop

All three areas of pinspiration helped me make over our living room fireplace mantle. It now looks like this.

{with thanksgiving decor}


{with christmas decor}


The “Singing Butler” artwork in the background has been with us for a while now, but the smaller black and white frames were recently purchased at Michael’s at a great price. They always have good sales and deep discount coupons, so check your local paper before you go.

I bought the patterned paper at ArtMart, a local art store in St. Louis. But you could easily find some good patterned paper at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or any scrapbooking store.

The framed shamrock on a map is one that is near and dear to our hearts. On our trip to Ireland this past October, the owner of Lawcus Farmhouse B&B gave us this wooden keepsake. It is made from the roof of the original farmhouse that was built on the B&B grounds during the 16th century.


While souvenir shopping in Ireland, I kept an eye out for some sort of artwork to hang in our home but wasn’t all too pleased with the price of some of the items I saw. This wooden shamrock turned out to be the perfect memento to put on display. The map in the background was taken from the actual map we used to navigate the Irish countryside during our vacation. If you look closely, the village of Stoneyford is situated just northwest of the shamrock. That’s where we met Mark Lawcus and gladly accepted his parting gift, which is actually intended to be a keychain (hence the tiny hole on the right), but I think it’s more fitting on our mantle than buried in a purse or pocket.

Lastly, the back and white photo is from our wedding day. It was taken just as the ceremony ended and we were exiting the church behind the bagpiper.

So now our mantle has a more updated look with a couple pieces we’ll treasure forever. That is, until the next couple years go by and I’m ready for a re-do.



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2 responses to “Pinterest Hits, Volume 2: Fireplace Mantle Makeover

  1. Thanks for linking the image back to my site! I adore the way you framed the shamrock on top of the map combining multiple Pinterest ideas into one. I always love when pictures/art/books actually mean something to the person and have a special meaning! 🙂

    • Thanks! I love that maps are making a comeback. At least we know they’re not completely obsolete with all the GPS options we have these days. Love your blog, by the way. And thanks for commenting!

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