So yeah, about those New Year’s resolutions…

This morning, Mikey and I woke up around 9am (glorious!) and then laid in bed for even longer. I started thinking about our 2012 New Year’s resolutions and that got us talking.

Me: Do you have any resolutions for 2013?

Mikey: Hmm, I haven’t really thought about it.

Me: Well, we failed miserably at our 2012 resolutions.

Mikey: Really? What were they again?

Me: I resolved to start waking up on time for work every day and stop hitting the snooze button so much, which obviously did not work at all. And you said you were going to cut back on how much beer you drink.

Mikey: Oh well, I think I did pretty good then.

Me: No, you didn’t! You failed miserably!

Mikey: Blaspheme!

It is true. As much as the both of us would like to deny it, our New Year’s Revolutions (as I referred to them earlier this year) were an epic fail. If anything, my obsession with the snooze button and his love for beer doubled this year. It doesn’t help that home brewing has become a hobby of his — one that I have encouraged as of late with the purchase of a few new beer-making materials for his 30th birthday. He also just received a sweet stash of new bottles from his mom and stepdad for Christmas. And we’re brewing a Smoked Wheat Beer tomorrow afternoon. So um, this whole cut down on the beer intake thing just isn’t really working out the way we planned it.


48 beer bottles and a happy, bow-clad Mikey

The one member of the family who kicked his New Year’s Revolution’s butt this year is The Bear. He resolved to go to the dog park more often. I’m patting myself and especially Mikey on the back for this one. We have taken him to the dog park almost every day — even now in chilly winter temps. We’ve even taken him in the rain. That’s some serious dog parent dedication!


Rain can’t keep The Bear down.

Now that we’re thinking about resolutions for 2013, I’m not even going to attempt to redo my anti-snooze campaign. This may just be something I have to come to terms with about myself. But frankly, I’m just up for a different challenge. And that challenge is blogging more often. I’ve been blogging here for almost two years and can remember the first year when I was so on top of it — pretty much blogging every other day. Its been a great outlet for me to find my own voice, recap life’s happenings and savor those fleeting moments that I ordinarily would forget or not even notice.

But lately, my time spent blogging has dwindled down to a once a week sort of thing, if that. I know exactly where to place the blame — the gym. Mikey and I joined the YMCA and were getting our money’s worth by working out anywhere from four to six times a week. On weeknights, that whole process takes about two hours if you factor in the time you spend cooling off and then showering. Then your body is so exhausted from both the workout and the eight hours (sometimes more) of work you put in at the office that the thought of sitting in front of the computer to blog is laughable.

In the past two months, Mikey and I have both fallen off the workout bandwagon, so now I really have no excuse not to be blogging. But I hope that in 2013, I’ll find some way to balance both. Although you know I would much rather be blogging that sweating it out at the gym.

As for Mikey, his resolution, like many others, will be to lose 15 pounds this year. His stretch goal is 20 pounds. I’m pretty confident he’ll do it. More confident than him cutting back on beer — although he may have to do both if he wants to shed 15.

The Bear is not resolving to do anything this year. And why should he? If you ask me, his life is pretty darn perfect, and there isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t wish I could trade places with him. His only concern is how many squirrels he’s going to have to fend off in the yard and in his dreams on a daily basis. With the amount of time he spends barking in the yard and the 13 hours of sleep he gets a day, I’m sure there are a plethora.


See, The Bear could pass for a person some day, don’t you think?

So how about you? What are you resolving to do or not do in 2013?


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