Christmas Four Years Ago

Every year when Christmas rolls around, I’m reminded of the very first Christmas we celebrated in our new house four years ago.

That first year of Christmas decorating was interesting, since we didn’t have anything — no tree, stockings, ornaments. But we eventually lucked out on a tree. One of Mikey’s coworkers was giving one away that year, and so we ended up with a decent-sized tree for free. (And by decent-sized, I mean quite the hefty fake evergreen. Till this day we still leave the bottom fourth of the back of the tree off because it’s a wee bit big for our small living room. If that doesn’t say classy, I don’t know what does.)

Back then, The Bear was still a little tyke, who thought ornaments were animate objects — as one of my all-time favorite Teddy videos demonstrates below.

The Bear was also still small enough to carry in pictures.



Well, just barely for me.

These days, our collection of Christmas decor has filled out. The Bear no longer picks fights with ornaments. And he’s also large enough to give rides to small children if he ever feels the need to channel his inner pony.



But he does have a tendency to poke around the gifts under the tree, sniffing for bones, tennis balls and doggie Christmas cookies, which he did today for about half an hour before giving up and resuming his spot on the couch.


Eyes are locked in on a target — three fresh tennis balls wrapped in tissue paper.


His version of a Christmas vigil


Starting to give me “the look”.


“No, actually I don’t understand the meaning of waiting until Christmas to open your presents.”

It made me realize how funny it is to actually wrap a gift for a dog. It doesn’t matter that the item is covered in tissue or wrapping paper. The nose tells all, so the gifts might as well be left unwrapped altogether. I wrapped them anyway though. Because there’s always the fun of watching him tear through the paper to get to his toy. Kind of like this…


The Bear’s first Christmas. He ripped through the wrapping paper while the family opened gifts at my parents’ house. He was thoroughly entertained. Obviously.

The hubs and I are gearing up for a marathon of Christmas celebrations on all sides of the family again this year. It’s always exhausting, but the good company and endless array of eats make it all so worth it. Here’s to wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 9.32.09 PM


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