Fresh from Fashion Week

I’ve never been to a real deal fashion show — as in, a New York Fashion Week fashion show. It ought to be one of the items on my bucket list. But when I think about it, what are the chances I would ever find an insider connection to legitimately get me in? And if I were to illegitimately get in, what are the chances of me getting told off, b*tch-slapped and kicked out by the Kelly Cutrones, Anna Wintours and Nina Garcias of the world? Huge.

The reality of it is, I like to interact with the fashion world exactly the way I interact with it now — online. (But if anyone wanted to cordially invite me to New York Fashion Week, I would say yes in a heartbeat. Just so you know.)

And that’s the beauty of technology today. There are countless people pinning and blogging and tweeting about Fashion Week that it doesn’t even feel like you’ve missed a beat. And as someone who has never experienced the real deal fashion show before, it feels like the outsider experience has drastically improved. I remember the Style Network would air runway shows on TV just a couple years ago. An hour or so worth of models walking down the runway to sometimes awkward-sounding music, no voiceover, no commentary. With everything at the snap of a smartphone camera, there’s really no need to air it on the tube. You can see it in real time online or find the photos curated on Pinterest.

And so, in the recent days since NYFW has ended, these are some of the looks that have caught my eye and the 2012 trends that are still carrying into spring 2013 (thank god – no way I’m going to part with all the neon I bought this summer.)

Still rocking the boat with nautical stripes

Oscar de la Renta

Photo courtesy of

Still popping that color


Photo courtesy of

Still loving lace

Dennis Basso (backstage)

Photo courtesy of This is Glamorous

Still pretty in peplum

Zac Posen

Photo courtesy of Pretty Peach Peonies

Still seeing neon

Marissa Webb

Photo courtesy of Barefoot Blonde

Still business in the front, party in the back

Jason Wu

Photo courtesy of Vogue

And now I feel my internal shopping dial on the uptick. I think that’s all the fashion this wanna-be fashionista can handle for tonight.


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  1. An hour or so worth of models walking down the runway to sometimes awkward-sounding music, no voiceover, no commentary

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