Summer’s End

By the looks of the five-day forecast, summer is coming to a close. And I’m happy about it. This drought that’s plagued the midwest over the past few months hasn’t been much fun, although I wouldn’t have expected anything less in this region of the country. Summers are scorching and winters can be bitter cold. So it’s time to buck up and squeeze out every fleeting moment of fall weather before Old Man Winter moves its white a** up in here.

But before we do that, a quick visual recap of one of the hottest St. Louis summers to date.

I’m always amazed at how a snow cone can cool you down to the core. We’re lucky enough to have a snow cone stand right around the corner from our house.

I was able to get my gardening in during early summer before the horrendous heat wave came through. My gardening apprentice and I enjoyed our quality time outdoors.

Hitting up the pool. Pretty much the only thing you can possibly do outdoors when the temps hit triple-digits.

What’s summer without a food truck? Burger Ink is one of the newest mobile eateries to hit the St. Louis area. We had our first taste in June at Truckin’ Tuesdays, a monthly event held at Tilles Park.

Of course, we did a lot of beer tasting this summer. We hit up Civil Life microbrewery for the first time to try a few brews.

Blue skies and The Bear pictured from the front of our house. He’s such a sweetheart. Sometimes.

Lunch and even dinner on an outdoor patio was a little too hot to handle. So we opted for brunch at Half & Half in Clayton one morning. Fab brunch cocktails, btw.

Summer is most certainly The Bear’s favorite time of year for the sole reason that he gets to go swimming. A lot.

And for those days when we weren’t at a lake or the dog park pool, there were the occasional walks in Forest Park.

I did lose those a couple plants to the heat this year, but these babies not only survived, they thrived in the heat.

Can’t forget our annual mini-vacay to the Lake of the Ozarks.


A few months ago, Mikey scored a bunch of great steaks at the Omaha Steaks close-out sale in Richmond Heights. This chateaubriand was by far the best of the bunch. And also the most expensive.

This summer also marks the time of year when Mikey discovered his favorite St. Louis microbrewery, Urban Chestnut. To celebrate, he invested in a growler.

Could arguably be my showiest flowers in the garden. These lillies bloomed beautifully. Unfortunately, a late spring storm ripped the heads off of the ones on the far right.

Driving through the city at dusk. The Bear pictured alongside the Arch.

I’m very much looking forward to fall. I’ve found that it’s a lot of people’s favorite season. It hasn’t ever been mine until this year. I wouldn’t say that summer was officially my favorite season, but I think I liked it more than others — purely because it meant school was out and there was more time to do what you wanted to do. Well apparently, its taken me six years of being out of school to realize that summer really isn’t all that fun if you can’t take three straight months off of work.

What I do love about fall is pumpkin spice lattes, slow cooker recipes, boots and dressing in layers (translation: more fashionable things to wear, accessorize, embellish).

Although fall hasn’t officially started, I can already say its gotten off to a good start. Fact that Mikey has surprised me with a pumpkin spice latte two Sundays in a row and that I scored a sweet pair of boots for under $40 is enough to get these end of summer days going — and leave any girl smiling.


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