Still Remembering

There are some people that say we should all just move on from September 11th. There are some people that refuse to watch the news whenever this day comes around. They don’t want to spend their time reliving that day and agonizing over it.

It’s interesting how people deal with this day in different ways.

Last year, September 11th took place on a Sunday. I was home for most of that day, watching all the news coverage of children, 10 years older, who had lost parents at the World Trade Center and stories of firefighters who had saved lives only to lose their own when the towers came tumbling down.

I was an emotional wreck through most of it all of it. It was me unshowered in my PJ’s with a kleenex box and a bunch of sopped-up crumples of tissue surrounding me. Not my most attractive moment for sure. But that’s how I deal on September 11th. It’s a time to reflect; not forget. Because I know that no matter how crazy I am to drive myself to tears every time one of those stories comes on the air, nothing will ever be as crazy as the chaos those victims suffered or endured during those attacks. Maybe it’s my little way of feeling some teeny tiny inkling of what those people — our people — felt that day. And if anything, I think the last thing we can do is shove their memory under a rug. A little disrespectful, if you ask me.

Today is September 11, 2012. A Tuesday. So luckily for the people I work with, I showered and got dressed today. (You’re welcome.) But no matter what day it is or how many years down the road we’ll be from September 11, 2001, it will always be relevant. It will always be remembered. It will always be a living, present thing that reminds me of what we stand for and the ever-present risk of people who have, can and will threaten to take that away.

And as the clock ticks away on September 11, 2012, I hope you’re remembering too.


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