Weekend at the Lake

Mikey, my parents, The Bear and I just returned from our annual mini-vacation at the Lake of the Ozarks — better known as Teddy’s vacation. Because we all know that his daily duties of guarding the front window from neighborhood cats and sleeping for 13 hours a day can be really stressful sometimes. So a change of scenery every year to a place where all his dock-diving dreams come true is not only necessary. It’s mandatory.

For the past two years, we’ve stayed at a lakefront house in Gravois Mills, Missouri. While we’ve all been happy there, we thought we’d take a look at some other rental options to see what else was out there. We ended up choosing a lake cottage in Rocky Mount, located in Lick Branch Cove. The perks were that the waters were calm and more shallow, allowing us to swim without worrying about waves rolling in from boats and jet skis. The downside was that being located in a cove meant more population and less privacy. I really didn’t care to hear the conversation that the homeowner across the cove was having about the solar system. Also, being in a cove means you don’t get those expansive lake views and clear shots of the sun setting.  But these are all minor details. It’s Teddy’s vacation anyway, so who are we to complain?

I don’t want to jinx the midwest by saying the weather was too cool for the lake, but the 70-degree temps actually had me wrapped in a towel for most of our outdoor lounging. On another cool and somewhat rainy day, we skipped the outdoorsy stuff and stimulated the economy with our annual pilgrimage to the Osage Beach Outlet Mall, where I scored $100 off my purchase at J. Crew. The hubs splurged on some much-needed work shoes at a buy three, get one free sale in addition to major mark-downs at Gap and Banana Republic.

I’m not sure if we’ll go back to this same lake cottage next year, but we’ll definitely keep it in mind. If we continue going to the lake year after year, I’ll be pretty determined to find that perfect house. Not for my sake, of course, but for The Bear. It is his vacation, you know.

Disclaimer: Prep your fingers for extensive scrolling. I took a lot of pics.

The Bear invades Lick Branch Cove.

Rocky Mount Lake Cottage. Mikey is checking out the fish swimming beneath the ramp.

Wubba hits the water.

The Bear comes to the Wubba’s resuce.

Wubba saved!

The Bear swims ashore. Check out those webbed paws!

There he goes again.

Overhead shot that Mikey took from the high dive off the dock

Like Jesus walking on water

Quite an elegant landing

Testing out the paddle boat. Bottoms up!

We’ve always wanted to take The Bear on a float trip but have hesitated because we didn’t know whether he’d stay in the float. He’s such a wiggle worm and a water lover that we suspected he might jump out and capsize the float or canoe. The paddle boat gave us a perfect opportunity to experiment.

And whaddya know, our hunch was right. He jumped off the boat as soon as I unleashed him. Then, after swimming around for five seconds, he wanted to get back in. Silly Bear.

The sun sets on our lake vacation. Somehow it’s never long enough. (BTW, the cloud looks like a dog, doesn’t it? Very Teddy vacation appropriate.)


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