Carlyle Lake Gets Schooled by The Bear

Sweet Summertime seems to be a nonexistent thing here in St. Louis these days. I’ve had it up to here with this never-ending drought and triple-digit temps. (And when I say, “up to here”, I’m really reaching up way high, despite the fact that I only top out at 4 feet, 11 inches.)

Anyway, The Bear and his happy-go-lucky self always knows how to keep us entertained with his crazy antics, even though the heat is un-BEAR-able. (Ha!) Like this past weekend at the Liberation Day party at Carlyle Lake. We discovered a cove within walking distance from our party pavilion. Although we’ve been to this same site for the past three or so years, he was never able to swim with this much ease. The water level was so low, due to the lack of rain in the area this year. Much to The Bear’s benefit, it created a perfect private pool for him to splish splash around, go diving for rocks and doggie paddle in search of the biggest stick.  And of course, this water-loving Labrador Retriever of ours had the time of his life.

So if there is any good to this awful heat wave, it’s most definitely the enjoyment we get from watching The Bear take to the lake and show the water who’s boss.

Ready, set, go!

Strap on a red one-piece and one of those flotation devices, and he’s a Baywatch Bear for sure.

Splashing ashore

Sun on the face, wind in the ears and tongue out the jowls.

Caught him in a moment of calm

“Woohoohoo, Mom!”

If this isn’t the definition of pure happiness, I don’t know what is.

He’s got the cove all to himself. Here he is digging for something – a rock, maybe? Seconds later, he dove in – head first – under water to get a closer look.

See? We ought to call him Humpback Bear.

“Best stick everrrrr!”

Beware of his super soaker tail.

Shake, shake, shake

Teddy was here.


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