Neon Trees VIPs

At the end of a long work week, it’s nice to kick back and enjoy a free concert downtown at the foot of Soldier’s Memorial. It’s even nicer when your j-o-b supplies you with free VIP tickets, which includes free parking and exclusive seating. A couple coworkers and I had the luxury of this advantage last night. I brought Mikey along for the fun too, and it turned out to be a pretty nice night, watching the Neon Trees perform at the St. Louis Summer Concert Series.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Neon Trees, they’re an alternative rock group, based out of Provo, Utah. They first caught my eye (or rather, my ear) on TV during those Vegas tourism commercials. Their hit song, “Animal”, was the music for the TV spot and I kind of jammed out. In my head. A little bit. Every time the commercial came on. And it sort of made me want to go to Vegas… which we ultimately did this past May.

Anyway, the evening started out with clouds looming on our drive over to the concert, but by the time we got to Soldier’s Memorial, the museum turned outdoor concert venue for the summer, the clouds cleared away and we were left in a little bit of shock to find St. Louis could actually grace us with some superb weather. (The triple-digit temps we’ve had recently add up to nothing but misery, believe me.)

Me and the ladies. Or should I say, the VIPs?

Me and my main squeeze

As for the Neon Trees, they put on a good show, but I was surprised to see their female drummer missing from the lineup. I think every good rock group needs a rocker chick. It’s just the secret ingredient that the girls idolize and the guys go gaga over. Not that I know much about music, anyway. Although, from this video below, you might actually think I know a lot about rocking out. I mean, the talent here is really undeniable. Kind of a big deal.

P.S. For those travel fiends out there, I’m featured over at The Wanderlust Traveler today. Click here to check it out.


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