Boston Working Weekend

As of last week, I’m checking Boston off on my Cities to Visit list, but adding it to my Cities to Vacation list. I spent four days in Boston on business last week and am now making it a point to go back. Because like any other business trip, there simply wasn’t enough down time to claim that I’ve been there, done that when it comes to Beantown.

Side note: Why on earth is Boston called Beantown? The fact that I didn’t know the answer to this after my four days there proves that I do truly, madly, deeply need to go back. Thanks to good old friend, Google, the reason for the nickname dates back to Boston’s colonial days when sugar cane was shipped to Boston from the Caribbean. Bostonians would often use the sugar cane to make molasses. And of course, beans are baked in molasses and its syrupy goodness. Hence, the “Beantown” nickname caught on and has stuck like molasses ever since.

Anyway, in the little downtime that I had with my coworkers, we enjoyed Boston’s delicious dining options, including:

  1. Legal Test Kitchen Located on the harbor, this stylish eatery is an off-shoot of Boston’s famous, Legal Seafood. Items on the menu showcase the latest and greatest on-trend dishes that the test kitchen cooks have up their sleeves. I had the Lobster Truffle Mac & Cheese. It. Was. Awesome.
  2. Vinny’s Superette Till this day, I’m still not sure what the exact name of this place is. Go their website, and the URL says Vinnys on Broadway. Check in on Foursquare, and the place pops up as Vinny’s at Night. Whatever the name is, this Sicilian ristorante in Somerville is as authentic as they come. And if the wait staff’s accents don’t give it away, the food (in super size portions) surely will. I’ve gotta give it up for the gnocchi as my fave.
  3. Trattoria di Monica Never before have I been to a restaurant as tiny as this one – which also explains the long wait we had, despite the fact that we’d called in advance for a reservation. But the tight squeeze and the long wait is all worth it. Because the food at this open-air, Italian North End eatery is fab. I had the arancini, mushroom risotto and asparagus. And then we polished off our already packed-to-the-max tummies with a flourless chocolate cake. No regrets.
  4. Lord Hobo At the recommendation of a friend, our final dining destination was Lord Hobo, a restaurant in Cambridge that’s known for their beer selection (40 on tap) but also serves some pretty decent pub and bistro fare. The appetizers were excellent and so was my beet salad. Although I have to admit my fish and chips weren’t too impressive. I’ve had better in St. Louis. But let’s be perfectly honest. I was there for the beer.

Obviously, the highlight of the trip for me was the food adventure. But my trusty old iPhone camera caught some good shots of other stuff around town, including Harvard Square, a glimpse of M.I.T. and the SoWa Open Market. Someday, the hubs and I will have to go back for more.


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