Going Vertical

I’ve been eyeing vertical gardens for over a year now. In fact, you may remember this post from a while back. I had fallen in love with vertical gardens because a) they were a unique way to grow some greens, and b) they were a smart way to keep The Bear from crashing into my flowers when he spots a squirrel.

What kept me from eyeing a vertical garden vs. buying a vertical garden is the price. The box that you plant the flowers in can be really pricey. At one point, the cheapest I could find was $60. Outrageous. Luckily, I found some for a cheaper $40 at Garden Heights nursery earlier this spring. And because that was the lowest price I’d seen them, I snagged two.

A few weeks ago, I planted them with sedums and succulents and hung them on our backyard fence.

This one turned out especially well, but I can’t say the same for the other vertical garden box that I bought. What I realized is that when doing a vertical garden, it’s best to stick with a pattern of flowers. With the other vertical garden box, I stuck in a bunch of different sedums and succulents without giving any thought to patterns or texture. Now it just looks like a hodge podge of plants that aren’t blooming at the same time and hanging at different angles across the cells.

See what I mean?

But that’s what’s great about gardens. They go away every year (unless you’re an all-perennial planter), so that the following year, you can try something new. And I’m already drawing up plans in my head for what to do next year. Stick with sedums or succulents or add color with petunias and marigolds?


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