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We took The Bear on a walk this afternoon (a super hot one, by the way) and decided to mosey on down to the street that runs behind our house. We can’t really get a close look at the houses on that street because there’s about eight feet of brush in between our back fence and the street. We were curious about how intense the growth was, and Teddy just wanted to get a good sniff at all the cars and dogs he barks at on a daily basis.

When we reached the point where we could actually see the back of House of Riley, I was pretty impressed. Not gonna lie, our house is kinda cute. And I think I can owe it all to the lovely flowers that are gracing our front and back yard as of late. Amazing what color can do to make the place pop. Here’s a look.

Front Yard

My favorite flowers in the world, hydrangeas. Much more purple than they have been in years past. Gotta remember to up the acidifer next year. Also ticked about the hail storm we had earlier this year that ripped up the leaves on these and many of my other plants.

Hydrangea close-up. Don’t you just want to smush your face into these perfect puff balls. Okay, no? Maybe it’s just me.

New Guinea Impatiens with Creeping Jenny. Hmm… sounds like rock concert, doesn’t it? The story behind the Creeping Jenny is that I planted it last year, and it endured our mild St. Louis winter. Fooled you, annual!

These lillies just opened up yesterday. Gotta enjoy them while they last, but thankfully, a few more are on their way to blooming.

The lighting is super harsh in this picture but had to share it anyway. Of the three dahlias I purchased (the others are pink and orange), these purple ones are doing the best. Big blooms and healthy, dark green leaves. They’re pretty perrty.

These little pink flowers are quickly becoming a favorite of mine. They’re called calibrachoas, and they come in a variety of colors — purple, orange, yellow, red, etc. They’re great for hanging or window baskets like this one we have on front window sill.

For the life of me, I can’t remember what the name of this flower is. All I know is it’s another puff ball flower, which apparently, I’m into.

Back Yard

Love bringing in the tropical look with this Canna Lilly. Although you do have to bring it indoors in the winter. Hauling it in is always a fun process for the hubs. Right, hun?

Another flower that needs to hibernate indoors for the winter, the Mandeville.

On the other hand, this Bear does not need to hibernate indoors in the winter. Impatiens pictured left.

I have a whole other set of hydrangeas in the back yard, but these are currently the prettiest ones in bloom. Love the pink centers and white tips.

In one of my recent posts, I dropped a line about a cold weather gardenia. Here is one of its first blooms.

Took this Clematis three years before I actually saw some decent blooms on it. Now it’s overflowing on the trellis by the deck.

Of course, no back yard is complete without The Bear. Here he is chasing down a Frisbee.

Hope you enjoyed this big splash of color that’s currently creating a cheery ambience around the house. It certainly does make me want to hang out around our house more.


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