Half Crappy Saturday

Yesterday was a half awesome/half crappy Saturday. It was one of the first Saturdays in a while that Mikey and I had completely open. Nothing to do, no place to be. So we decided to spend the day in the yard, smoking some deliciousness in Mikey’s somewhat new smoker and planting flowers in all my container pots.

We woke up early and made our way into the city to the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market. There, we picked up some ribs, veggies, cheese and a new bone for The Bear, then made our way back home. After bringing our new purchases into the house, I left for the nursery to pick up some “necessities”, and it wasn’t until I was on my way back home that I got a phone call from Mikey.

The awful news was that Mikey’s back windshield had been smashed. Awesome.

One of our neighbors has a lawn care company come out to mow and edge her grass, and it was actually one of their workers that spotted the completely spider-webbed windshield. We don’t know whether it was a rock that shattered the glass. Maybe kicked up when the guy was mowing the lawn? But at the same time, it was too massive of a shattering for it to be a rock from a lawn mower.

Nothing was stolen from the car, but we filed a police report in the event that it was foul play. But there’s really no way of pinpointing when it happened or who should be held responsible. The end result is that we’re shelling out close to $600 to fix the mess. Awesome.

Since Mikey had already started smoking ribs and a brisket he bought from Baumann’s Meat Market the evening before, there was nothing better to do than carry on with our yard day plans. I spent the rest of the day planting flowers, while Mikey tended to smoking the meats. And The Bear had a grand old time going to town on his new bone from the farmer’s market and splashing in his $10 plastic swimming pool. And, I got a bit of tan from soaking up all that St. Louis sun.

He also pretended to be my gardening apprentice. Which basically means he looked cute stuffing his nose in every bit of dirt he could find.

We ended the day on a good note with some mouthwatering meaty eats – and a beet, asparagus and goat cheese salad, prepared with the market items I brought home that day.

Ready to eat.

Time to pull the ribs off.

Let’s feast!

Doesn’t matter how you slice it, the brisket was delicious.

Mmmmmm ribs!

Market veggies

Asparagus, beet and goat cheese salad, which we will be making again.

Moral of the story? When life gives you lemons, smoke a brisket. The end.


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