Dog Lovers Only

There’s no shortage of hilarious moments we have with The Bear every day.

It happens when I pause to look out the window to the backyard and find he’s throwing his Frisbee up in the air with his mouth and catching/chasing it all by himself. A symptom of being an only child.

It happens when I stand up off the couch to yell at the TV (most likely during a Blues game), and in response, he hops off the couch and barks in unison with me. It’s good to know The Bear always has my back.

It also happens when we’re driving to the dog park. As soon as we pull out of the neighborhood, he knows exactly where we’re going — which causes him to whine and squeal with delight, jumping in the backseat like it’s a trampoline. To the point where the top of his head is hitting the car ceiling. It happens so often, I’m surprised he hasn’t knocked himself out cold by now.

But if that’s not enough to split our sides, there’s also no shortage of hilarious dog posters I’ve been pinning on Pinterest these days. Stuff that only dog lovers would find as hilarious as I do.

This couldn’t be more accurate.

Takes me back to when we first brought Teddy home as a puppy. The rule was that he wasn’t allowed on the couch. Ha, what a joke.

Can’t leave the house without a hair of The Bear somewhere on my outfit.

I loved this poster so much that I actually bought it on It had The Bear written all over it.


I imagine this is what our fence looks like to the cat next door.

Can’t recall how many times Teddy has approached a tennis ball with a ball already in his mouth and been forced to make a tough decision.

All photos courtesy of Pinterest

With all these great posters out there, I’m tempted to start a collection. I already have a virtual one going on Pinterest. If you heart your dog as much as I do, you should check it out.


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