Viva Las Vegas

We just got back from our quick jaunt to Vegas with two of my BFFs and our hubbies. I am now all caught up on sleep, completely sober and ready to retrace our steps The Hangover-style by sorting through many of the moments I caught on camera.

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Day 1

We all arrived at McCarran Airport before by 8am on Monday morning and took a shuttle to Terrible’s Resort, which was a quick walk across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel, our home for the next two nights. After checking in at the Hard Rock, we walked over to the CVS Pharmacy for some necessities — water, snacks, Gatorade, drink mixers, beer, etc. And then it was time to hit up Pink Taco for some Mexican food and margaritas. After some much-needed food nourishment, we headed over to the pool to lounge for the rest of the day. The water was kind of frigid, so we didn’t do much swimming. But we eventually found a sunny spot in the sand, where we could work on our tans.

Later that night, us girls got all dolled up (as did the men), and we made our way over to the MGM Grand for dinner. We found a sushi restaurant called Shibuya and had our way with spicy tuna and tiger rolls, along with a few delicious cockatails. And after dinner, we walked off the calories by making our way down the strip, strolling past the new Aria City Center, Paris, New York, New York and others before finally settling down for the boys to play roulette and blackjack. And I’m sure you’re wondering, but no, none of us won big.

Day 2

Mikey and I woke up with plans to meet up with my long lost friend, Jacqui, for lunch at In-N-Out. If you read my last post, you’ll remember that I used to live in Las Vegas and actually made some truly great friends there. Jacqui was one of them, and although we lost touch for a few years after I moved to the St. Louis area, we recently reconnected on Facebook. And there was no way I could leave Vegas without catching up with her. Since no trip to Vegas is complete without a trip to In-N-Out, In-N-Out it was! We chowed down on animal-style fries and double doubles to our hearts’ content. It was perfect.

After lunch, Mikey and I met up with the rest of the gang at The Luxor and ventured off onto the strip again, walking through The Luxor, Excalibur and New York-New York. Mikey and I eventually broke off from the group and headed down to The Bellagio, so I could take pictures of the water show and the Bellagio Conservatory. Bellagio is probably my favorite hotel for those two reasons.

That night, we kept it low-key and attended the Zumanity Cirque du Soleil show at New-York New York before heading back to the Hard Rock for drinks and a little more blackjack.

Before we knew it, 3am had rolled around, and it was time to say our goodbyes. In only a few hours, Stephy and Scott were heading back to Chicago. Megan and Michael to Kansas City, and me and Mikey to St. Louis. A good trip with good friends and good times. Can’t wait to do it all again. But the question is… what city will we conquer next?



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