Easter Sunday

If there’s ever a day to live your life in pastels, it’s Easter Sunday.

As evidenced by the photo above, that means coordinating your outfit to match the icing on two dozen cupcakes. Which I can now say I’ve successfully done. And quite frankly might do again some time in the near future because it kind of made me sort of very happy. The hubs, on the other hand, thinks I’m weird with a capital W, especially when I ask him to photograph me with my color-coordinated sea of pastel cupcakes because I think this fleeting moment in time is blog-worthy. It’s okay though. At least I know The Bear will always look up to me.

In other Easter news, Mikey, The Bear and I spent the gorgeous day at my parents’ house in Illinois after attending mass in the morning. My parents’ 1/4-acre backyard is perfect for wearing Teddy out with endless games of fetch. And my brother’s kids get a big kick out of chasing after him. Dinner that evening was a delicious spread of pork roast, smashed potatoes, garlic-roasted brussel sprouts and of course, my color-coordinating cupcakes. It was a good end to a three-day weekend. The only bad part was that it had to end.

Hope you had a Happy Easter, too.

With Love,
Larissa, Teddy & Mike


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