St. Louis: Strolling through the City

The hubs and I had a super productive Friday off work today. And we even had time for a leisurely walk through downtown St. Louis with The Bear in tow. We’ve taken this route through downtown before, and I really wish we would do it more often. We start at the City Garden, located at Market and Chestnut Streets, and head east towards the Gateway Arch, passing through Kiener Plaza and the Old Courthouse on the way. The weather was picture-perfect too. Super blue skies and not a cloud in sight. And everything from the leaves on the trees to the grassy knolls are greener than green. Take a look.

Teddy tries to pick fights with the water fountains at the City Garden.

A block away from the City Garden is Kiener Plaza.

And a block away from Kiener Plaza is a great view of the Old Courthouse with the Arch as a halo.

The Gateway Arch in all its glory.

Standing directly beneath the Arch, a view of downtown St. Louis.

The Mighty Mississippi

Base of the Arch to the left. Eads Bridge to the right.

A train passing through with cars full of coal. And beyond is the Poplar Street Bridge, the route we take to visit my parents in Illinois.

Heading home. A few last whiffs of the city.

When you’ve lived in St. Louis for a while, it’s easy to forget that you live right in the shadow of the amazing structure, built to symbolize America’s commitment to westward expansion. I imagine it’s the same if you live in Chicago and rarely make it to the Willis Tower or if you live in San Francisco and rarely make it to the Golden Gate Bridge. But today was definitely the perfect day to do it in St. Louis. And I’m glad we did.


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  1. Hi, I like your post. You might enjoy my post (now rather old) on the Arch at and/or other tourism-related posts that I’m trying to write on a regular basis.

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