We Came, We Saw Seattle

Growing up as a military brat, I had my fair share of moving from one place to another. Always being the new girl at school. Always trying to master the art of making new friends. I think I carried those characteristics well into college, and because of that I can proudly say that between Mikey and I, we have friends all over the country. Chicago, Kansas City, Reno, Las Vegas, Phoenix, West Palm Beach, Seattle. The beauty of having friends all over the U.S. while you’re landlocked in the midwest is that visiting friends can instantly turn into a full-on vacation.

That was the case when we visited Doug and Katie a few weeks ago in Seattle/Tacoma. I have to give these two major praise for being such fantastic hosts. They did everything to make us feel comfortable. Everything from Doug whipping up his world-famous scrambled eggs and ham one morning to catering to my need to stop for Starbucks on a regular basis. But most importantly, taking us anywhere and everywhere around Seattle to make sure we saw all there was to see and that I was able to photograph every moment of it.

Snoqualmie Falls & Brewery

On the first full day of our visit, Doug and Katie had to work, so Mikey and I ventured out to Snoqualmie Falls. The drive there was beautiful. We wove through the roads flanked by snow-capped evergreens, and by the time we arrived at Snoqualmie Falls Park, a light snow was coming down around us. I think it definitely added to the experience though.

Of course, we managed to find the Snoqualmie Brewery right up the street from the falls. We popped in for some beers and a massive plate of nachos that Mikey and I successfully downed like the foodie (or fatty) champs we are.

Seattle Space Needle

At the recommendation of a coworker, we decided to hit up the Space Needle for lunch at Sky City, the revolving restaurant. I have to admit that my lame self took a while to adjust to the movement of slowly-rotating restaurant. But once I got over that, we took in the 360-degree views and enjoyed some really good food.

The benefit of dropping a fat wad of cash on lunch at Sky City is that you get to walk up to the observation deck for free. As we walked around the top of the needle, there were a number of interactive kiosks that were pretty entertaining. One kiosk allowed you to position a camera at any a point in the city. You could zoom in or move the camera up or down to get a close-up view of whatever area of downtown you wanted to check out. Another kiosk let you control a time-lapsed sequence of the Seattle skyline at every minute of the day. I actually had a better time interacting with the kiosks than spending time on the outdoor deck. It was super windy out there, so Mikey and I made a quick lap around the entire deck and shoved our way back into the warmth indoors.

Alki Beach

Who says you can’t have a beach vacation in Seattle? Well, we certainly did at Alki Beach. Although we didn’t walk barefoot in the sand, I did enjoy more great photo opportunities.

Bainbridge Island

Another one of the to-do’s on our list was to ride a ferry in Seattle. So Doug and Katie thought it would be fun to take a ferry over to Bainbridge Island for lunch and a little window shopping. The ferry ride was a short one, and once we disembarked, we were on our way to Doc’s Marina Grill for some good fish ‘n chips. We then spent the next couple hours stopping into the cute little shops all along the Bainbridge Island main drag. Knowing that there was little room in our suitcase, I bought a couple vintage-style postcards to add to my on-going collection. (And believe me, if it weren’t for the lack of space in the suitcase, I probably would’ve bought more than just that.)

Pike Place Market

After our Bainbridge Island adventure, we made our last stop at Pike Place Market. I had been there a few weeks earlier for work but thought it would be worthwhile for Mikey to see some fish thrown at the market like every Seattle tourist should. We even made a stop into the world’s first Starbucks, which is located right in the heart of Pike Place Market. It was cool to see their humble beginnings while sipping a frappuccino to satisfy my sweet tooth.

By the end of our six-day Seattle/Vancouver vacation, we were wiped out. But that’s my idea of a good vacation. And the fact that I took a total of 445 photos between my Nikon D3100 and my iPhone says there was an incredible amount of great things to see and remember. Mikey and I can only hope for more vacations like that to come. Speaking of which, we have a couple more good ones coming up this year, one of which begins with an “I”, ends with a “land” and has a “re” stuck in the middle. (!!!)


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