I wish I could say that the four days I was in Orlando last week were spent soaking up the sun and frolicking in Mickey Mouse land. What I can say is that in between work, I did get a little bit of sun, courtesy of quick 15-minute walks around Lake Eola around lunchtime. And instead of escaping off to Disney World, my client and I escaped to a much better place known as the Orlando outlet mall. (More on those fun purchases later.)

Anyway, no out-of-town travel is complete without a few photographs, courtesy of my iPhone and Instagram.

{Instagrams from top to bottom}

  1. Getting a much-needed dose of Vitamin D with a walk around Lake Eola. Complete with pretty views of downtown Orlando.
  2. Swans are everywhere at Lake Eola. Including giant swan boats that you can take on a romantic ride around the lake.
  3. We stayed at the Grand Bohemian Hotel, and the pool was in plain sight from my room window. With all the work we were there to do, the view was nothing but a low-down, dirty tease.
  4. Business travel over Valentine’s Day results in Valentine’s Day dinner without your valentine. But the food and wine at Kres Chophouse were a nice treat.
  5. Wining and dining at Kres Chophouse comes free with rose on Valentine’s Day. Kinda sweet with a side of corny.

Now if only I could’ve brought that sunny, 70-degree weather with me back to St. Louis. No such luck.


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