This week, work took me to Seattle for a couple days. Considering there was time for delicious dining, a leisurely walk around Pike Place market and a mini shopping spree, I would say it was a pretty successful business trip.

{Instagrams from top to bottom}

1) Over the mountains, somewhere in between Denver and Seattle. 2) Seattle at sunrise. 3) Walking around Pike Place Market. 4) Alaskan Cod at Dahlia Lounge, a Tom Douglas restaurant. 5) Seattle street art. The owl caught my eye.

There’s much more to come where Seattle is concerned. We’re headed there in a few weeks for vacation to visit our friends, Doug and Katie — and see the Blues vs. Canucks hockey game in Vancouver. Or should I say, see the hockey game where the Blues beat the Canucks in Vancouver? Either way, the hubs and I are ready for a little Vancattle vacay.


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