A Typical Sunday Morning

Most days The Bear can’t sit still for the life of him. He’s bouncing off the walls, tail-wacking things off the living room ottoman and in your lap with a tennis ball and a frothy side of drool to puddle up your pant leg.

But then there are these sweet little moments that typically take place on Sunday mornings.

On the days when I wake up before Mikey, I get out of bed and shut the bedroom door behind me to give him some extra sleep time. After letting The Bear out of his crate, getting him out the back door to do his business and bringing him back in for feeding time, he trots right on over to our closed bedroom door and does this.

He waits…

And waits…

And waits…

For his dad…

to wake up!

And when he finally does, all is right in the world again.

There couldn’t be a more perfect example of a dog’s loyalty and unconditional love.

Happy Sunday, all!



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2 responses to “A Typical Sunday Morning

  1. This may as well be a Hallmark commercial. So stinkin’ sweet.

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