Gearing Up for the BrandBowl

I’ve never really been much into SuperBowl parties. It’s not that I don’t like football. It’s not that I don’t like party food. It’s because I’m like a clydesdale with blinders when it comes to the commercials. Totally focused and zoned in on the 60-second spots that some of the biggest brands in the world put on display. So I prefer the quiet of my own home when the game cuts to commercial break. Because to me, the commercials are 9 times out of 10 more entertaining than the actual game. Even my sports-obsessed husband agrees.

Last year, I recapped my top BrandBowl TV spots, and Volkwagen’s “Mini Darth” and Chrysler’s “Imported from Detroit” rose to the top for me. Following in the footsteps of Volkswagen’s “Mini Darth” success, a number of other brands have released teaser videos of their SuperBowl spots prior to game day this year. Have you seen any of them?

Volkswagen released this teaser video called “The Bark Side”.

Thoughts? I’m partial to this because I’m such a dog lover. And it gets extra bonus points from me because The Bear now wants to take up singing lessons to hone in on his bear-itone pitch. Not that he needs the lessons. He gets good practice from the fire department’s blaring ambulance sirens.

Another one that I’ve seen is the teaser from Honda CR-V called “Matthew’s Day Off”. If you’re a big fan of Ferris Buehler’s Day Off, you’ll probably be a big fan of this.

Thoughts? I think it’s decent. It was a smart move to bring Matthew Broderick on board to relive his Ferris Buehler days. I’m sure they had to pay him a boatload of cha-ching to do it, considering he’s said in the past that always being remembered as Ferris Buehler is both a blessing and a curse. And I think the strategy behind it is well-connected to the Honda CR-V’s “Leap List” campaign. Much better than “Something New to Crave” which came out around the time the CR-V launched. But with the video at two minutes and 25 seconds, it didn’t have enough power to hold my attention for longer than a minute and a half.

Aside from the commercials, the hubs and I are also excited about our menu of munchies, which includes nachos and bacon and cheese wrapped tater tots. If your mouth isn’t already watering, just check out the visual below.

Photo pinned via Recipe Girl

So whether you’re watching the game, keeping tabs on the commercials or hanging out by the food table, hope your SuperBowl evening is a good one. I’ll be recapping my favorite spots shortly after game night.


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