Clayton Restaurant Week

Lately, my life has consisted of three things in this order: work, St. Louis Blues hockey and food. Work has been as fast-paced and hard-hitting as the Blues, and so at any free moment, I’m ready to unwind with a glass of wine or beer and plate of something delicious.

Luckily for me, Clayton Restaurant Week took place last week, and whenever there’s an offering of 3 courses for $25 at 20 different restaurants in the Clayton neighborhood of St. Louis, I’m on it like white on rice. (And believe me, I’m Asian/Pacific Islander. I know rice!)

Clayton has been populating with some great restaurants in the past few months, and we decided to hit up one of them for restaurant week. It’s an Italian kitchen called Mad Tomato, and after our experience there, it was a unanimous decision that we would be back for more. Food was yummy, wine selection was great, service was perfection and atmosphere was pretty good. (I say pretty good because of the two single blondies at the bar that thought it necessary to give Mikey a “hey, how you doing?” looksie when we got up to leave. A laughable moment for the both of us, and a “hey, look who’s coming home with me tonight” moment for me.)

Anyway, Mikey had a cabernet, minestrone soup, lobster ravioli and lemon and goat cheese cheesecake. I had the a pinot grigio, spinach salad, lobster ravioli and salted caramel ice cream. For the record, that spinach salad has got to be one of the best salads I’ve ever had. And I don’t usually put the words “best” and “salad” in the same sentence.

His cab. My pinot.

Lobster Rav

So if you haven’t guessed already, I highly recommend Mad Tomato if you’re in the St. Louis area. Hope the hubs and I can make it back there soon — sans desperate blondies at the bar to clutter the atmosphere.


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