First Born Brew

Yesterday was a big day for Mikey. His first attempt at a homemade batch of beer was ready for consumption as of 9:00 last night. I’m happy to report that Riley Brew, Batch #1 was a success!

Clockwise from top left: 1) Hubs and Bear with bottle numero uno. Ready for its big debut. 2) Sniff test. Smells like beer. That’s a good sign. 3) First sip… err, chug. 4) I, wifey, approve. 5) Frothiness. 6) A beautiful pour into Mikey’s favorite beer mug. A St. Louis Blues mug, of course.

There are still seven more bottles waiting in the wings. At the recommendation of a coworker, Mikey decided to hold off on opening the other bottles in order to let the flavors develop. But based on the success of bottle number one, we think they’re going to be pretty darn delicious.

Of course, me being the writer/branding geek of the household, I decided that Mikey should name every batch of brew he makes. That way when we’re socializing with friends, we can sound all cool and be like, “Mmm, this store-bought beer tastes like batch #6, code name: Black Shadow”. Then, we’ll link arms and toss our beers back in unison. Or not.

So after a bit of thinking in front of the TV while sipping on batch #1, Mikey came up with the name Greenhorn. It came out of the fact that the beer (which is a pale ale recipe by the way) is a beautiful golden hue. And that made us think of the Discovery Channel’s TV show, Gold Rush. It’s a series about six heavily bearded men who “risk everything to strike it rich mining for gold in the wilds of Alaska.” It’s actually a pretty interesting show. We sat in front of the TV all day last Sunday to watch the back-to-back marathon. (Apparently, Man Week is really rubbing off on me.)

Anyway, one of the miners, who was new to the mining business, was referred to as a greenhorn. We thought “greenhorn” was a term specific to gold mining, but by definition, it’s actually a person who is new to or inexperienced at a particular activity. And being that this was Mikey’s first attempt, Greenhorn is a perfect name.

So over the next few weeks, I fully expect Mikey to ask me something along the lines of, “Hey, wanna pop open a bottle of Greenhorn while we watch the new episode of Gold Rush tonight?” Ladies, if that’s not your idea of a hot date with your hubs, I don’t know what is.



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4 responses to “First Born Brew

  1. Great article homebrewing brings many joys. It is always a good thing to keep a recipe log and name your beer. I myself makes a label for each batch of beer and keep it on the box, keg of tap that I have the beer in. So if you catch the Brew Flu and starting brewing a few batches it is easier to keep track of them. The most important thing in brewing is to Relax don’t worry and have a homebrew!

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