5 Fashion Trends That I Never Want to End

The older I get, the more gaga I get over fashion. There are seriously times when I walk into a clothing store and have to restrain myself from smiling from ear to ear. This happens to me a lot, by the way. It even happens when I “window shop” for women’s apparel on Pinterest. Yes, it’s a problem. No, I don’t have any intentions of stopping.

With so many great trends out there this season, I just have to do a round-up of the latest looks I absolutely love and hope never go out of style. (Because frankly, I just bought a bunch of this stuff last weekend and would appreciate if the fashion gods kept them in style for longer than six months).

Statement Necklaces  

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

The only downside to statement necklaces is that you’re going to need a bigger jewelry box. The upsides are endless. They can dress up any solid colored blouse. They look great with a blazer. And they give you instant edge without looking like you’re trying too hard. My Secret: Go to Macy’s and look for them on clearance. Original prices can be outrageous, but Macy’s has heavy markdowns — sometimes up to 75 percent!

Color Blocking

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

It isn’t new to the fashion scene, but it’s certainly BACK in the fashion scene. Very 1960s mod, but not wild, out there and unapproachable. It’s an easy trend that can work with any personality from vintage to preppy. My favorite part about color blocking is the color! My Secret: Forever 21 is killing the color blocking scene with to-die-for prices. Proof: I bought this dress for $19.80 last weekend. Read it again: $19.80.

Photo courtesy of Forever 21

Shorts in Winter Weather

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

When I see people wearing shorts in temps 50 degrees and under, I think they’ve lost their minds. But I guess you could say I’ve lost mine because I did it. I wore shorts in 30-degree weather last week. Not bare-legged. But with opaque black tights and black ankle boots. My secret: Sorry for the repetition, but it’s the same secret as before. Forever 21. Bought these suede ones last weekend for $29.80. Steal! Which I will subsequently follow up with, squeal!



Photo courtesy of West Fashion

Bright Stripes

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

If you’re seeing stripes as of late, that’s because they’re everywhere. But what I love about this latest look in stripes is the colors that I’m seeing them in or the bright colors that they’re being paired with. Stripes have always been an accessible pattern to wear, but pairing them up with a bright orange, pink, green or blue really ups the style ante. My secret: Okay yes, I realize it’s not really much of a secret when you’re revealing it for the third time. But once again, Forever 21 is stocked with stripes galore, including this little number that I bought for a very little number — $9.80.

Photo courtesy of Forever 21

Rustic Boots

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Is it just me or are we all looking like a bunch of stylish lumberjacks lately? Well, long live the lumberjack look because cozy plaids paired with denim and shearling are all the rage in my book. Especially when it comes to boots. I have never felt more outdoorsy! My secret: ALDO holds a special place in my heart when it comes to shoes. And when there last weekend, I scored these shearling boots at 30% off, which only cost me $60, compared to the original $90 price tag.

Photo courtesy of Women Motorcycle Boots

So that’s my analysis. I’m just enjoying it while it lasts and hoping that the next new thing doesn’t suck me into a new form of fashion oblivion. Although I’m sure it will. And I have no intentions of stopping it.



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2 responses to “5 Fashion Trends That I Never Want to End

  1. Definitely agree with you and statement necklaces! The bolder the better!

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