Scoring My First Down

Although the title of this blog post may lead to you believe I’m going to write about football, I am not. There’s enough football talk going on on Facebook with it being Sunday and the whole Brady vs. Tebow showdown that flooded my news feed last night. My version of First Down will be way more exciting for the ladies because it doesn’t relate to football. It relates to fashion.

This week I became a proud new owner of my very first down feather coat.

This past Tuesday, those of us in St. Louis experienced snow for the first time this season. We’ve been spoiled with mild winter temps for weeks now, and I guess Mother Nature decided it was time to drop the mother load. It really wasn’t a bad storm that made news headlines. It was the Missouri Department of Transportation that provoked hundreds of middle fingers behind the steering wheel, coupled with people who think their cars are invincible on ice.

Anyway, I couldn’t help but feel a little unprepared for St. Louis’ first snow because the down coat I had ordered on HauteLook (my favorite online shopping destination, as of late) hadn’t arrived yet. It did, however, arrive on Tuesday evening — just in time for bitterly cold wind chills and below zero temps that lingered long after the snow.

The coat itself is a Kenneth Cole Belted Chanel Quilt jacket. Bought for $96, regularly $289 (score!). It’s much warmer than my wool coat, and while the static cling still attracts a small amount of Bear hair, it’s much easier to keep his fur at bay. But the best part of the new coat is the fur-lined hood. Because if the lioness look ever becomes a hot new fashion trend, I will have it down pat!


All the more reason why I should never go blonde.


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