Best Burger Joint in the STL

As much as Mikey and I like to get out and try different types of food, one thing is for sure — a burger always hits the spot. For the past couple years, Sub Zero in the Central West End, has been our favorite spot for a great burger. It’s a burger bar/sushi bar/vodka bar. And yes, the multitude of slashes may make you think the place is a little schizophrenic. But we’ve always thought of it as having a pretty trendy atmosphere, a great patio for people-watching and of course, excellent burgers.

But the notable St. Louis restauranteur, Dave Bailey, has converted us to his new burger joint in downtown St. Louis off of 10th and Olive. It’s called Bailey’s Range, and they specialize in grass-fed beef burgers and a plethora (and I mean, plethora) of boozy (and also non-boozy) sodas, milkshakes, lemonades, ice picks, wines and beers.

I went there for the first time with some friends from work for lunch. And it was delicious. But then realizing how much Mikey would love this new-found burger joint, I suggested we go there, so that he could experience for the magic himself.

Top: A fairly quiet night at the corner of 10th and Olive. Bottom: Love these window panes that offer a peek into the kitchen.

Kind of hard to make a menu selection when everything makes your mouth water.

Mikey ordered the Ozark burger, which was made with Ozark Forest crimini mushrooms, carmelized onions, black peppered goat cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion (pictured towards the top of the photo below). And I had the Patty Melt, which consisted of ementaler (a type of cheese, and yes, I had to Google that), grilled onions, rooster sauce, lettuce and tomato on rye.

But then here’s the best part of the whole Bailey’s Range experience… the Sweet, Sweet Bacon milkshake. Yes, you read correctly. A bacon milkshake. For those of you who may not be adventurous when it comes to food, this is not as out-of-this-world as you think. I mean, yes, its awesomeness is out of this world. But what I’m really trying to say is… it is awesome! It is made with bourbon, candied bacon and salted caramel ice cream. And because Bailey’s Range’s (awkward double possessive there) milkshakes are all made from scratch, it is just freaking to die for!

Left: I have no shame that a huge slab of bacon is overtaking - err, garnishing - my milkshake. Hmm, that sounds dirty. Right: Burgers and fries and everything nice.

So I hope my enthusiasm about this place piques your interest enough to check it out for yourself. Everything from the decor to the house-made ketchup is really fantastic. And if you visit and disagree, well, then I’d be happy to swing by and pick up your leftovers.


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