Man Week

Last week, the hubs and I took off work for the holidays. And without any travel plans in store, we were free to do whatever the heck we wanted. For me, that meant being my normal nerdy self by catching up on blog posts, scrapbooking for hours on end and cooking all sorts of high-calorie, high-fat recipes with bacon as the main ingredient. For the hubs, it usually means warming up his special spot on the couch — remote in one hand, beer in the other and hockey or football on the tube. But this year, Mikey was graced with two very manly man presents for Christmas — a charcoal smoker and a beer brewing kit.

So the Tuesday after Christmas, he set an alarm for 7:00 a.m., rolled out of bed and started smoking an 8 1/2 lb. brisket over applewood chips in his brand new smoker. After 10 1/2 hours of smoking, the end result was oh-so tasty. And Bear-approved, I might add — as the video below demonstrates.

Smoky, tender and downright delicious.

The following day was beer brewing time. Never have I seen Mikey so intense in the kitchen.

"Beer-making is serious business, Mom. No time for the usual tomfoolery."

The beer recipe is for Pale Ale and is currently fermenting in our dining room. In one week, Mikey will take the next step, which is bottling it and adding sugar to carbonate it. (Apparently, this a very ceremonious process, judging by the fact that he sent me a meeting planner on our iPhone calendars, entitled Time to Bottle the Beer!).

And finally, to round out Man Week, I endured a full three hours of Braveheart. All for the man I heart.

In all honesty, it’s great to see Mikey develop new hobbies. As long as he doesn’t pick up crocheting or interior decorating. Because that just wouldn’t be manly at all.



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