New Year’s Revolutions

2012 has landed and its been treating us well so far. The hubs and I spent New Year’s Eve at Taste in the Central West End. They specialize in pre-prohibition style cocktails and place a big emphasis on pork on their menu. Everything from pork belly to pork meatballs to pork burger. There’s even a shared plate called pig popcorn.

As expected, everything was delish. Although if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the orange tart for dessert pictured above. Our waiter told us pomegranate seeds are a sign of good fortune. Perfectly fitting for the new year.

We made sure to get home before midnight to ring in the new year with The Bear. Now, among the three of us, you may or may not be able to tell who was most sober.

Of course, with a new year comes new year’s resolutions. I’ve had a fairly good track record when it comes to keeping new year’s resolutions. Last year it was to start a blog, and well, here I am almost a year later, still blogging. I also resolved to read more books a couple years ago. And while I haven’t kept up with book reading as much as I want to (blogging is to blame), I did keep up with it for the entire year that my resolution was committed to. The one resolution that has failed royally every year (as it does for many) is to find and stick to an exercise routine. So this year, I decided to be realistic and not even make it a resolution. Ha! No point in kidding myself. I’ve just got to find a bigger motivator to get me off the couch.

Anyway, there are realistic, achievable goals in my 2012 future. Same goes for Mikey and The Bear. But this year, I am calling them new year’s revolutions — because if we are to succeed in all three of these proposed objectives, it will be nothing short of a revolution in the Riley house. So 2012 revolutions, here goes…

My 2012 Revolution: Lay off the snooze button. Every morning is a back and forth between my fingers and the snooze button. In fact, I found a photo a couple weeks ago that illustrates the exact routine I go through every morning.

Photo courtesy of HappyPlace

Suffice to say, I’m not much of a morning person. So in 2012, I hope to get out of bed earlier during the work week and let the snooze button snooze its ass on back to sleep.

Mikey’s 2012 Revolution: Cut back on beer. Enjoying a cold brew while watching a hockey/football/baseball/golf/basketball/every sport ever played on the face of the earth game has long been Mikey’s way of relaxing after a long work week. But now that we’ve both been enjoying more expensive craft brews as of late, he’s really got to rethink the beer budget. So he plans to reduce his beer intake by 50 percent. The fact that he is currently brewing his first batch of homemade beer may or may not be a helping hand in this matter.

Teddy’s 2012 Revolution: More visits to the dog park. Obviously, this revolution is more on me and Mikey. But it’s The Bear that will ultimately benefit from it. Mikey and I have been off work for the past 10 days and have given Teddy a straight 10 days of exercise for at least 40 minutes or more. And what we’ve noticed (and is really no surprise) is that he is calmer and less in our face with a tennis ball 24/7. It feels good knowing that we’ve worn him out — that he’s been properly stimulated both physically and mentally. I mean, really, you can’t help but feel like a good dog mom when you see a face like this.

Pausing for a breather in the shade of my parents' backyard.

Now that I’ve shared our revolutions with all of you, the pressure is on to perform. I’ll let you know how it goes.



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3 responses to “New Year’s Revolutions

  1. I hope you’ll get through with your ‘revolutions’ through the year. I’ll be watching closely & hope to get a report at the end of the year….LOL

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