Dot Dot Dash Date

I love Mikey and The Bear dearly. But the consequence of living with my two favorite guys means constantly having to deal with 1) sporadic wrestling matches on the living room floor, 2) a house that might as well have a case of Tourette syndrome due to uncontrollable shaking as Mikey and The Bear play chase through every room of the house, and 3) a small collection of not-so-good-anymore goods that have become damaged as a result of said wrestling matches and chasing.

So my point is that there’s a lot of rough-housing that goes on in this house, and sometimes a girl just needs to get away from it all. (Although I really can’t complain about their crazy antics; it’s kind of funny to see the hubs play like a kid.)

And that’s where my BFF, Michelle, comes in. We met for brunch a few days ago at Winslow’s Home, a family-owned restaurant and general store in the University City neighborhood of St. Louis. The food there is in-credible — all local, seasonal ingredients used to make deliciousness like house-made quiche, frittatas, pancakes and chicken pot pie.

After catching up on all the latest in our lives, we left Winslow’s Home for a little place called Dot Dot Dash. Dot Dot Dash is a boutique in the Demun neighborhood of Clayton that specializes in comfy, casual women’s and children’s apparel. Michelle works there part-time, and I’ve been popping into the store for as long as I can remember to fall all over their super-cute clothing and accessories — and subsequently leave with a bag full of stuff I accidentally bought. Oops.

This visit was no different. I went through nearly every item in the store and either photographed it or tried it on. Here are some of the pics to prove it.

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Tees and tunics galore.
  2. A great display of fashionable baubles.
  3. The cutest clothes for kids. I bought my niece  pair of pink ruffly butt tights for Christmas. (I’m sure they’re called something more sophisticated than “ruffly butt tights”, but you get the picture.)
  4. Perfect little black dresses.

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Me playing dress-up.
  2. Short-sleeved sweater dresses.
  3. My favorite Dot Dot Dash accessory, smart-phone friendly touch gloves.
  4. The Bangle Bar. Take your pick of color and quantity and mix and match to your heart’s content.
  5. Michelle all smiles behind the cash wrap.

It’s always fun to go be your girly self, and Dot Dot Dash is my preferred place to do it. So if you live in the St. Louis area, you should check it out. I’m sure Michelle and her coworkers would be more than happy to style you!

Dot Dot Dash Boutique | 6334 N. Rosebury Avenue | Clayton, Missouri |


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