A Year Ago on Guam, Part 4

Living on the (Water’s) Edge

Quit your day job, pack only the essentials and escape to live on a tiny island, thousands of miles away from the ordinary. Plenty of you have dreamed of it, I’m sure. I know I have. But during our visit to Guam in 2010, I actually got as close I’ll probably ever get to living the throw all your cares to the wind kind of lifestyle.

It happened twice. The first was on a Sunday afternoon when my Auntie Peach took Mikey, my parents and I to her in-laws’ house in Urunao. And when I say house, what I really mean is this:

Complete outdoor space with kitchen, eating area and sand beneath your feet. It was like a tree house!

Urunao is one of the northernmost points on Guam. And as for the scenery… Words just won’t do it justice. I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves.

This is how my Auntie Peach’s in-laws spend every Sunday. They cook up a bunch of tasty island cuisine, graze on it throughout the day. Sit in beach chairs, watching the waves roll in. Take a nap in the shade. Go for a swim. Walk the beach. Leave footprints in the sand. The definition of relaxing and plain old, downright awesome. If Mikey and I ever had the guts to permanently get away like that, this is what we would do. Bear included.

Part two of the throw all your cares to the wind kind of lifestyle took place at my godparents’ house in Inarajan, a southern village on Guam. The drive down was a beautiful one — especially when you’re driving in a drop-top BMW, courtesy of my godfather.

After arriving at their house, we changed into swimsuits and ventured on out to the beach to take their three dogs, Pesca, Blitzen and T’hini, on a walk. And when I say walk, what I really mean is this:

Upon our return, we threw back a few beers, filled our bellies with a delicious spread of food and enjoyed great conversation — all while underneath the light of the moon.

To think that these family members of mine can do this at the drop of a hat. And I’m sitting here with a hot cup of tea in a fleece, sweatpants and fuzzy socks while the current temperature sits at a bitter 33 degrees outside. Sigh. And brrr!

While Mikey and I have managed to stay put here in the Midwest, we’re fortunate to have friends and family spread out all over the country and the world. Which leaves us with no shortage of great vacation destinations. So friends, if mi casa es su casa, I hope the vice versa applies!


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