Nerd is the Word

Justin Timberlake is doing it.

Photo courtesy of iGossip

Scarlett Johanssen is doing it.

Photo courtesy of BuzzNet

My favorite blogger over at the Rockstar Diaries is doing it.

Photo courtesy of Rockstar Diaries

Hot model with a really cute outfit whose name I don’t know is doing it.

Found via Pinterest

Highly-intelligent, scarf-laden puppy is doing it.

Found via Pinterest

And now, I’m doing it.

Mikey and I had our annual eye appointments a week or so ago. I’m normally a wearer of contacts but decided to switch things up, especially now that the geek chic look is in and I’m loving it! My mother-in-law works at the optometrist’s office that we visit and picked these Michael Kors frames out for me, knowing that I’d love them.

Photo courtesy of Lauryn Design

Love them, I do. In fact, I’m a little obsessed. And in case you didn’t know, a good sign of a serious obsession would be a squeal like the ones I did at the eye doctor’s office and all the way home in the car to Mikey’s enjoyment/distress (I like to think the former).

Only issue has been getting used to wearing them. I never realized how infrequently I wore my old frames. Aside from the 15 minutes of TV we watch in bed and then sleepy time, my contacts were always in use. But in a couple of days, I’m sure they’ll be fine. And then, I will be as nerdy as ever. Not that you needed the spectacles to know the high caliber of my nerdiness. Squeeeeeeeeal!



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2 responses to “Nerd is the Word

  1. Alicia

    Do you have any other photos of you wearing these? LOL

    Odd question, I know, but I’m pretty sure these are the frames I want, but would love to see them on more faces! 🙂 These are the MK686, correct?


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