A Year Ago on Guam, Part 3

Here a Beach, There a Beach, Everywhere a Beach, Beach

Flying to Guam from the U.S. costs a small fortune. We flew there for about $1400 a person last November, and that isn’t even peak season! But once we got there, the cost of airfare was a distant memory. Paradise has a tendency to make you forget about your budget. But really, there aren’t many other expenses we have to pay for. Our lodging is always so graciously provided by family. And spending money on food is never an issue. Since so much of our time is spent visiting and catching up with family members, we can always guarantee there will be food to carry us through the conversation. If there isn’t food, you must not be at a true Chamorro’s house.

So the bulk of our vacation money is usually spent on entertainment. But even that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Especially when there’s always a beach within reach. Here’s a round-up of Guam’s beautiful beaches (or at least all the ones we set foot in this past November).

Matapang Beach  The water is so calm; it’s like swimming in an endless swimming pool.

Asan Beach  U.S. Marines stormed this beach to recapture Guam during WWII after the Japanese had occupied the island.

Tagachan Beach  We came here on a rainy day, but it still made for some interesting photos. There’s a lot of mystery to this beach when you’ve got the clouds rolling in and the waves crashing ashore. I imagine this is what the coasts of Ireland might kinda look like.

Inarajan Pools  Untroubled waters to wade in. Waves crashing in the distance. A great place for a picturesque swim.

In My Godparents’ Backyard My godparents have beachfront property in Inarajan. This is the daily walk they take their dogs on twice a day. To do this with The Bear one day would be a dream.

Urunao  This is a private beach on family-owned property. My aunt’s in-laws live there, so we stopped in for a visit one Sunday afternoon. Absolutely gorgeous and practically untouched.

And how about that sunset?

Cocos Island  It’s an island off the southern coast of Guam. So even though Guam is already a tiny island, there’s an even tinier island just a ferry ride away.

Ipao Beach  One of my family’s favorite beaches. Twenty-six years ago, I had my first birthday party at one of the pavilions up the hill.

Hotel Row  I don’t think the beaches on Hotel Row are named. So I’m just going to call this one Hotel Row Beach. We played tourist for a day and spent the night at the Westin to celebrate Mikey’s 28th birthday. This was the view from our hotel room. Sweeeet.

I think beach-hopping may be my favorite island activity. If there’s no admission fee, then the way I see it, there’s no better place to be than the beach!



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