Beans in His Birthday Cake

Old Man Riley (aka Mikey) turned 29 last Wednesday. On his birthday eve, I told him I was going to make him a surprise birthday cake. His reaction?

If you’re making those Guinness cupcakes again, don’t make so many of them.

Allllrighty then, no Guinness cupcakes it is. Not that I was planning on making Guinness cupcakes. I made them for his birthday a couple years ago. Since Guinness is one of his go-to beers, I thought it would be fun to try them out for a special occasion like his birthday. While he did like them, there was a whole two dozen of them that we attempted to polish off ourselves. A failed attempt, I might add.

On top of that, Mikey isn’t a fan of sweets. He prefers salty, savory foods. Which means that when we dine out for dinner, I’m the one who looks like a rather large piglet, polishing off a chocolate lava cake something or other with not one, but two spoons, that the server so graciously supplied us me.

So this year, I went for the gold and opted for a seven layer taco dip birthday cake.

Much more fitting and appropriate for a guy who isn’t into sweets. Only problem is the consequences that ensue after eating the refried beans. (And you know what I mean by the beans.)

Aside from the taco dip that he polished off in a couple days, we also went out for dinner to McCormick & Schmick’s, a seafood and steak restaurant in Des Peres. Even more so than taco dip, Mikey is a big fan of the classic steakhouse steak. No weird seasonings. No complex flavors. Just a good old fashioned meat and potatoes kind of steak. Naturally, he had the Ribeye. I had the cod and crab cake.

And if all this eating wasn’t enough, the next day was Thanksgiving! In the midst of all the stuffing (as in, stuffing of our ourselves, not stuffing of the turkey), I realized that having a husband whose birthday is so close to Turkey Day does make me that much more thankful and appreciative of all his little quirks and Mikey-isms. He is who he is, and I love him for it. Refried beans and all.



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2 responses to “Beans in His Birthday Cake

  1. Sarah

    Totally using that idea for my man’s birthday! He’s not a sweets fan, either, and he’s always begging to have tacos for supper!

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