Thanksgiving went like this: Turkey. Ham. Stuffing. Green Almondine. Green bean casserole. Sweet potato casserole. Twice baked potato casserole (made my moi, recipe here). Gravy. Creamed Corn. Cranberries. Biscuits. Pumpkin pie. Pecan pie. Caramel apple nut pie. Beer. Wine. And finally, food coma.

Multiply that by three for the three different sides of the family that we experienced it with — my side, Mikey’s mom’s side, Mikey’s dad’s side — and you end up with me (Lovie Handles), Mikey (Chubs McGee) and Teddy (The Furry Quicker Picker Upper, specializing in dropped crumbs, table scraps and that last lick of gravy you happened to miss).

Side note: Teddy spent seven hours in the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day, ensuring no food scrap was left behind. By the time we got home from all the festivities, his fur smelled like sweet potatoes and honey ham. Such dedication, that Bear.

A big thank you goes out to our family members who slaved away in the kitchen to make all the deliciousness happen. But I’m grateful for more than just a full belly. I’m grateful for all the warmth, kindness and love that is ever-present in our lives, thanks to our family and friends. I’m grateful for my ambitious, hard-working husband. I’m grateful for our cute, sometimes cuddly, but mostly balls to the wall energetic Bear. And of course, I’m grateful to those of you who have kept up with Everything Glitters over the past few months since this little writing adventure of mine began.

Hope you all had a Turkey Day that was just as wonderful.


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