My Brilliant Idea to Hit Up IKEA

Last month I finally got to experience the mecca of home furnishings, the creme de le creme of affordable home decor and the guiding light to all those lost and wandering in the world of interior design — IKEA. I’d never been to one before, but knowing that we were heading to the Chicago suburbs for a friend’s wedding last month, I thought there would be no better time to make an appearance.

Only problem was that we were a little pressed for time. There was a two and a half hour gap in between the wedding ceremony and reception. We ended up leaving the church after the ceremony ended at about 4:00 and high-tailed it to the IKEA in Bolingbrook, Illinois with no time to stop by the hotel and change into comfortable clothes. So I ended up touring IKEA in BCBGs.

Not really the best choice of footwear when walking through a 300,000 square foot showroom -- the equivalent of five football fields.

Despite my choice of attire, I did walk through the entire store and was really impressed to see the ungodly amounts of furniture and bedding and kitchen cabinets and light fixtures and hardware and rugs and vases and on and on and on… The space is so packed with things to look at that it’s close to impossible to figure out what floor you’re on. You just keep walking and walking — until you suddenly realize you left the first floor eons ago.

We weren’t really shopping for anything in particular. I was keeping an eye out for a comfy office chair but still didn’t find anything worth spending $50+ on. It would’ve been a great source of inspiration for us when we were working on the kitchen remodel this summer. The hallways are lined with floor-to-ceiling room displays that showcase how even the tiniest of spaces can be maximized to their fullest potential.

But of course, we couldn’t have traveled all that way and walked five football fields of space in wedding attire only to leave empty handed. So 1) we filled our tummies up with food at the IKEA cafe (would you expect anything else from us 24/7 eating machines?) and 2) I picked out a silver lantern accent piece for $7.99 to adorn either our fireplace mantle or the shelves in our spare bedroom (haven’t quite decided yet).

Lanterns of this size are sold at places like Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel for around $40 or $50. I think my $7.99 was quite a steal. (Candle not included.)

Mikey — being a dude and all — was quite puzzled at the idea of me buying a lantern. I thought about explaining to him that lanterns aren’t just used as signals in lighthouses anymore. But then, knowing that Mikey — being a dude and all — wouldn’t really give a monkey’s butt about the purpose of lanterns in modern-day home decor, I digressed.

It was a good first IKEA experience overall — although my sore feet wouldn’t agree. I made it up to them by pulling into Table 15 at the wedding reception and remaining parked there for literally the entire evening. Yep, that whole “lame is my middle name” vibe was really going for me. But at least my shoes were hot.



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2 responses to “My Brilliant Idea to Hit Up IKEA

  1. Lol the way you described your shoes reminded me of my high school days. I would walk the streets in high heels feeling confident. Only thing was that they were so high I was tilted forward (a lot) and passers-by got great laughs! Great times…LOL

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