Scuba Bear

In case you didn’t know, The Bear is a bear of many talents. As evidenced by his recent Halloween costume, he possesses superhero abilities. He can also jump three feet off the ground, Frisbee dog style, as if his 75-lb frame is light as a feather. And much to our discovery this summer, he can dive.

Bear booty in the air.

I took a video at the dog park the other day to document it. All the two-legged dog park visitors get a kick out of it, so I figured it would be blog-worthy. Check it out below.

Now that we’re knee-deep in fall weather, it’s getting chillier outside and the dog park pool is seeing less and less action, much to The Bear’s dismay. Too bad he isn’t small enough to swim in his water bowl like he used to.

Although being 50 pounds heavier than he was in the picture above hasn’t really stopped him before.


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