Super Bear to the rescue! (And by rescue, I mean treat jar.)

Only one of us really got a chance to dress up and participate in the Halloween festivities this year.

Mikey and I were out of town for the weekend at a friend’s wedding in a Chicago suburb. So we missed all the weekend Halloween hooplah around town. But luckily for The Bear, the annual Halloween pet parade that my work puts on every year was the Thursday before Halloween. So that’s when he made his superhero debut. It seemed appropriate given this heroic Kodak moment we caught him in this summer.

As a three-year veteran of the annual event, Teddy got to lead the parade this year with his red cape billowing in the wind. He was kind of a big deal (in that big blocky head of his). In true Teddy fashion, we stopped at every tree, so he could sniff and mark, sniff and mark. I bet he felt especially entitled since he was playing leader of the pack and all.

Super Bear on a mission.

Now that it’s Halloween night, we’ve been graced with a whopping total of six trick-or-treaters. And we don’t expect any more will be stopping by. So we’re curling up with some apple cider and pumpkin beer to watch The Ring. And Super Bear will be at the window standing guard like so…

Happy Halloween!


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