St. Louis: City on Top of the World

For the past few weeks, we’ve been doing a whole lot of this:

Watching the St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers battle it out in the World Series. And I’m proud to say that the Cards came out victorious!

While those outside of the St. Louis area and Missouri may believe that baseball season is over, it’s not. The streets of the Lou today will tell you, the party isn’t over. Its been an all-day celebration, starting with a parade downtown. Now Busch Stadium is packed to the max with fans celebrating Friday night’s big win over the Texas Rangers. And outside of the stadium, people are clamoring for a glimpse of the happenings inside.

It seems to me that the city that has received all too much press about being the most dangerous city in the country, and is often criticized for lacking creativity and innovation, is a city on top of the world right now. If you thought the Lou was lackluster and uninspiring, these past few days of baseball heaven will make you eat your words.

I’m not a die-hard baseball fan. Those of you who know me know I prefer Blues hockey to baseball. (See why here.) But I am a fan of St. Louis and absolutely love to see people show their pride for it. And because of that, I admire any sports team or organization or person or thing that lifts the city up and portrays it in a positive light.

The sports teams here are a prime example. They support each other. The Blues were heavily tweeting their support for the Cards during game 6 of the World Series. And today, the Cards made a stop into the Edward Jones Dome to show their support for the Rams. And guess what… A few hours later, the Rams won their first game of the season against the New Orleans Saints.

So as St. Louis starts to sober up over the next few days (maybe weeks, depending on how down you got downtown), I hope St. Louisans remember what it is that makes this town so great. Because if you ask me, Cardinals baseball only scratches the surface.


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