I’m having a Gen Y moment.

My parents are in Hawaii right now. Hawaii, as in, sun and sand and beaches and breezes. The land of Aloha where us island folk can buy Spam and rice at the gas station — or better yet, at McDonald’s! You see friends, herein lies the problem. I’m not there with them. And it kinda feels like this guy in the Toyota Venza commercial. Actually no, it feels exactly like this guy in the Toyota Venza commercial.

Parents? Out having fun? What?

Well, their island escapades are making me all nostalgic about the last time I was in Hawaii. That was when Mom and Dad brought us kids (Mikey and I) along. There, we stayed with family and spent a lot of time beach-hopping around Oahu. Makes for a much cheaper vacation. Beaches don’t cost a thing.

We checked out the Banzai pipeline. Waves weren't massive like they are in the winter. But they were still pretty rough, even standing at the shore.

We swam at the picturesque Waimea Bay.

We walked the beaches of Waikiki. Probably the rockiest of all the beaches we visited, but who's complaining?

We cooled off in Sunset Beach's stunning turquoise waters.

We spent a few hours at Kailua Beach on the windward side of the island. A lot of wind surfers and the finest, whitest sand I've seen. Kailua was my favorite.

We also did some touristy, sight-seeing stuff too.

Dad: You guys wanna take a picture by the sign? Mikey: I don't know, Larissa might not be able to see over the sign. Me: Silence. Insert growl face.

We visited the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

And brought out the big guns on the Mighty MO. (Where the WWII peace treaty with Japan was signed.)

And we spent a day (and evening) at the Polynesian Cultural Center, learning about island traditions from Tonga to Tahiti.

I was so determined to put this nostalgia behind me that when I called my parents up last Friday, I coerced them into a binding, unbreakable agreement that said we would return to Hawaii in 2013 and not only see Oahu, but see Maui and the Big Island. Annnnd, maybe I’ll make an addendum to add Kauai to the itinerary. I don’t have their signatures or fingerprints or anything. But now, it’s on the Internet, so that makes it official, right?

In all sincerity, I hope Mom and Dad truly enjoy the rest of their stay in the land of Aloha… even though I know they’re sulking in agony without me. 🙂



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2 responses to “I’m having a Gen Y moment.

  1. These beaches look great! This makes me want to stop in Oahu too when we eventually take a trip to Hawaii!

    • If you do go, try to rent a car and go off and explore the island on your own. Waikiki is nice, but the beaches on the North Shore are 10 times more stunning. And depending on which side of the island you’re on, one beach can be totally different from the next.

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