I like to joke around with Mikey and say that it’s not just October 14th that’s my birthday. All of the month of October is my birthday. It’s like Jack Daniel, the whiskey guy. The Jack Daniel’s company never knew his exact date of birth — only that he was born some time in September. So every year, they choose to celebrate his life during the whole month of September. Cheers to that, Jack Daniel.

Much to my disadvantage, my parents know the exact date of my birth, so the whole birth month celebration isn’t really working out for me. But my husband, my parents, family members, coworkers and friends sure know how to make my one day out of the year perfectly perfect.

The day began with a birthday card from the hubs. Another one that was sweet and heartfelt and maybe made me shed a tear. (Remember how he is with picking out greeting cards?) After work, I rushed home in hopes of finding my iphone 4S birthday present at the front door. (It was a bit of an emotional roller coaster before I finally had it in my hands, but I’ll save that story for another post.)

And then we ventured down to south city to meet my parents at Farmhaus, a farm to table restaurant whose chef has garnered national recognition as of late. He was recently named one of 10 best new chefs in the country by Food and Wine Magazine. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway — the food was excellent. And we were also pleasantly surprised to see a selection of brews from Perennial Artisan Ales on the menu. They’re a new St. Louis microbrewery whose grand opening happens to be this weekend. Farmhaus was one of the first and few to serve these microbrews to the public last night.

The best part of the evening was the Birthday Busch that was brought out to me at dessert (pictured above). Such a creative twist on a birthday cake and so true to the whole down-to-earth vibe that Farmhaus gives. Our server told us that Busch is the chef’s favorite beer, and that definitely agreed with Mikey. So much that we stopped by a gas station, so he could pick up a 12-pack of Busch for some post-dinner drinks at home.

Here are some other photos from the night, many taken by family photographer, Dad.

Me and the 'rents

Hubs and Dad

One last shot before we head home.

A pretty darn good birthday if I do say so myself. Thanks to all the people who are so near and dear to my heart for making it as memorable as it was.


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