Finally! Hockey Season Returns

Last Saturday's Blues home opener against the Nashville Predators

Fall marks that special time of year when all of the sports world is buzzing with excitement. Baseball enters playoff season. College and pro football get into full swing. And the puck finally drops on hockey season. My husband, being the sports fanatic that he is, has managed to confine himself to the couch every Sunday for the past three weeks. And that doesn’t count the weeknight games, like the Cardinals playoff game we’re watching tonight.

How does a woman cope with this madness? My rule of thumb is that if he’s going to confine himself to the couch, I’m going to confine myself to the mall. It’s only fair.

Luckily for hubs, there is one sport that I’ve grown to love over the past two years — St. Louis Blues hockey. Mikey has played hockey most of his life. His position? Goalie. His number? 31. His favorite team? The Blues, of course. You can read more about his hockey history here.

I wasn’t completely enamored with hockey when we first met. But as of a couple years ago, when we started buying 10-game packages every season, I quickly understood why Mikey loved it so much. And it quickly caught on for me too. So why hockey more so than baseball or football?

It’s a fast-paced skill game that requires strength (both mental and physical), finesse, hand-eye coordination and rapid reflexes. Not a whole lot of standing around, spitting tobacco chew in this game. And there seems to be a much bigger respect that hockey players have for the game. For instance, you’ll never catch a hockey player touching the Stanley cup unless they’ve won it. It’s the idea that one must be worthy of hoisting the cup by enduring an 82-game regular season and the longest playoff in professional sports.

Another reason why I’ve become a hockey fan is yes, the players are hot. But they also seem completely down to earth, approachable and less focused on fame and fortune. You rarely see headlines of so and so player holding out on a poor contract for the sake of the almighty dollar. In a league where the league’s best player makes less money than a mediocre baseball player, I’ve come to appreciate hockey players for their devout passion to play the game.

Of course, since both humans in the house are pro-Blues, the four-legged family member has to get in on the action too. And with our trio now complete, we can officially declare our house a hockey house. The wretched pungency of Mikey’s goalie equipment in the basement is proof.

Unfortunately, I bought this jersey for Teddy a year ago without trying it on until last weekend. The Bear is built like a hockey player, so he was kind of busting out of it.

I think he wants a refund.


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