Still Happily Ever After

Believe it or not, I’ve been a married lady for three years now. Last Tuesday marked three years of wedded bliss with Mr. Mike Riley and his handsome blue eyes. We spent most of the day at work (boo) but celebrated later that night with dinner at Sidney Street Cafe in the Benton Park area of St. Louis. And to prove how in sync we are with each other, we both had the steak with roasted veggies and potatoes.

The three years have gone by quickly, but at the same time, it feels like our wedding day happened so long ago. But not long enough for me to forget how perfect it was. How perfect, you ask?

It was October 4, 2008, and the weather was absolutely amazing. Blue skies, sun on your face, temps in the low 70s. God did an extraordinary job orchestrating the weather that day.

People often say that the reception is the better half of the wedding. But in all honesty, I think our ceremony out-shined the reception. From our priest's homily to the bag pipes to the church's stunning interior, I was more than pleased with the way the ceremony came together.

Family members from as far as Guam came in for the big day.

Our wedding entourage paraded around our old college stomping grounds. Home to the dorm room, where Mikey and I first met.

The cake was four tiers tall and came in french vanilla, amaretto and butter pecan flavors. Yummy would be understatement.

Everyone got their workout on the dance floor. Dad included.

And we can actually say that we photographed every single person at our wedding.

We’ve had so many successes and hit so many milestones since tying the knot. From raising a full-grown Bear to completing our first major home improvement project to job promotions to vacations of a lifetime, I’d say we’ve got a long list of reasons to smile. Happy anniversary, hubs!



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