College, we miss you.

This past weekend went down as a great one in the record books. One of Mikey’s groomsmen — an old college buddy and former hockey teammate — tied the knot at a beautiful wedding in Oak Park, Illinois, a bustling town on the outskirts of Chicago. We took Friday off work and drove up for the Saturday wedding. And in typical fashion whenever “the guys” get together, it was non-stop reminiscing about the glory days of college. It’s often the same stories that are retold over and over again whenever they get together.

Like the time they dared one guy to chug an entire bottle of hot sauce. Yep, it happened. Both the dare and the follow-through. Or the time one of the guys forgot the lid to his water bottle in another guy’s dorm room. He was too lazy to run back upstairs and get it, so he stuck a plastic bag onto a hockey stick, hung it out the window and had the other guy drop it from the 7th story window down to the 5th. It worked. Or the time one guy showed up to another guy’s dorm room wearing pink fuzzy slippers. It was the first thing he could grab when a 2 am fire alarm had gone off in the building next door. Or the time one guy accidentally shaved off his eyebrows. Not really much else to say there. Except, how awesome is that?!

When we cleaned out the basement a year or so ago, Mikey dug up his Icehouse neon sign. "Icehouse" was his nickname in college. Till this day, he's been known to appear under this moniker in many a friend's address books.

Aside from all their crazy antics, I got to thinking about all the college perks that have fallen to the wayside since entering the real world.

Like how I can’t take naps in the middle of the day between meetings (as I used to do between classes). Or how I can’t wake up 20 minutes before work starts and roll in with a sweatshirt and fleece pants. Or how I can hardly keep my eyes open past 11pm on a weekend — when in college, the wee hours of the night were my favorite time of day. These days, I can’t even keep my eyes open at a movie that starts after 9pm. Tried it at a 9:15 showing of Transformers. I was snoozing by the time the opening credits wrapped up. Lame, but true.

How is it that there’s a whole four years of “higher education” that gave me the privilege of doing such awe-inspiring things? It’s hard to believe all that good stuff happened in college. It’s hard to believe that these days, our reality is so far removed from what college was. It’s also hard to believe that I’ve been out of college for five years now, which makes me feel old and envious. But it’s easy to believe that everything in college — whether good or bad or intoxicated or sober — brought us to where we are today. And for the friends who I’ve kept in close contact with since graduating, I’d say we’re all in a pretty good place.

Just so you don't think I was a total waste of space in college, I was voted Most Likely to Succeed by my sorority senior year. And yes, that's something I DO take pride in! 🙂


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